An “Ear”-born Adventure

Based on the 1941 Disney animated masterpiece Dumbo, this classic attraction lets you hop atop everybody’s favorite circus elephant as he discovers he can fly. Dumbo’s faithful friend Timothy Q. Mouse helps keeps you aloft with his “magic” feather. 

As the jubilant organ melody begins, lift off for a graceful cruise around (and around and around) Storybook Circus.

Fly High or Stay Low
You can adjust your altitude during your flight, so you can soar high or swoop low.

Play While You Wait

Before your flight, step into the big-top tent and let your wild animals frolic in an air-conditioned children’s playground for all ages. You’ll be alerted when it’s time to board your flight!

Ride Information

Ride Attributes
  • Spinning Ride
  • Height
  • Slow Ride
Height Requirement

No Minimum

Ride/Attraction Intended For
  • everyone
  • This ride spins