Author: Mark Plante | Published: Friday March 4, 2022 14:30 PM

Discovery Cove is a small oasis located in Orlando, FL. It is run by the same company that runs SeaWorld and it is actually directly across the street from the SeaWorld Orlando entrance.

Swim side-by-side with rays at Discovery Cove

Even though Discovery Cove is owned by SeaWorld, it is nothing like its sister theme park… As a matter of fact, it is not even a theme park. It is more like an island retreat. You would never know that you were smack dab in the middle of Orlando’s theme park area when inside.

Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive marine water park. There are no water slides here, rather different encounters that take you nose to nose with various sea creatures from dolphins to flamingos all the way to sharks, yes sharks.

If you are looking for the anti-theme park, where there are no crowds, no long lines to get on rides, not having to pay an arm and a leg for food and/or drink, Discovery Cove is the place. The vibe is so laid back inside that there is almost no way to remember that you are in Orlando.

Lazy River at the entrance to Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is an all inclusive resort which means that you do not need your wallet after you have completed the morning check-in. That’s right, all food, snacks and drinks (including wine and beer) are included with you ticket price. The only charge is for mixed alcoholic drinks. All wet suits, masks and snorkels are free.

When making your reservations, there are several “add-ons” that you may purchase, such as swimming with the dolphins, sharks or feeding the flamingos, at an additional cost.

One other perk that they have right now is that when you purchase your reservation, you will receive fourteen days FREE admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica and you may also add on Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Discovery Cove’s Coral Reef allows you to get up close and personal with various types of marine creatures.

Although the initial sticker shock may be a little off-putting when you first register, think about all of the perks that you get and the cost is actually very reasonable. Discovery Cove also offers discounted rates throughout the year, with the largest discount occurring on Black Friday in November.

So if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks for a day, Discovery Cove is a great value and a relaxing day.