Author: Mark Plante | Published: Thursday December 2, 2021 13:53 PM

We all do it. Once we get home, we unpack, put our clothes away and then throw our MagicBand in a drawer to hopefully use again for our next trip.

But what if you did not have to wait for your next trip to use your MagicBand? What if you were able to use your MagicBand every day and whenever you wanted to?

Well, now you can. You are now able to purchase a MagicBand reader from Cinema Guy Store located here:

This cute IFR reader is modeled after the readers that are at the Disney World park entrances and those that were used for the old FastPass+ system that Disney Parks once used.

The MagicBand reads come in several different themes… From Mickey Mouse to Haunted Mansion to Splash Mountain. Some of the readers play music when activated by a Magic Band, while others will display a video on it’s face.

We are not sponsored by this manufacturer in any way. We thought that this was a really cute present idea