Author: Mark Plante | Published: Saturday November 27, 2021 02:29 AM

Disney’s Genie+ and Lightning Lane options have now been available for two weeks at the Disney World Resort in Florida.  So what is some of the feedback from visitors and loyal fans? Overall, not too good.

For those that are not familiar with Genie+ and Lighting Pass, you can read about it in this post.

This past weekend, one of the most in-depth Disney Social Media fans, WDW News Today posted this to their Twitter account showing how people were unable to access the Genie account and that information for dining selections were unavailable through the Genie app which Disney has been developing for over two years now.

Another long-time Disney Blogger, Mickey Views, posted this video recently regarding the Genie+ “pay-to-ride” option. For a Vlogger that has been VERY Pro-Disney over the life of his YouTube Channel, he did not hold back on how disappointed he was in Disney Management and how much Corporate Greed is taking over the Disney Experience.