Author: Mark Plante | Published: Wednesday March 9, 2022 13:08 PM
Festival of Fantasy has returned to Magic Kingdom

After an almost two year wait, Disney fans are once again able to enjoy, without restrictions, the Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney suspended the parade when the parks closed in March, 2020 due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Disney reopened in June, 2020, but until recently, did not bring back any of the parades, meet and greets, or daily entertainment that they had before the shutdown.

Slowly, but surely, Disney has been gradually bringing back entertainment. The first, and biggest thing to return were the nightly fireworks in Magic Kingdom. Disney reinstated fireworks in July, 2020. Recently, the Disney Parking Lot Trams have returned to service and with the loosening of Florida state mask mandates, Disney has now allowed guests, who are fully vaccinated, to enjoy the parks, both indoors and outdoors without wearing a mask. Those that are not fully vaccinated are still strongly requested to continue wearing those face coverings in all indoor facilities. Masks are still MANDITORY on all Disney transportation (Busses, Monorail, Skyliner.), although they are not required on the Disney boats.

The return of the Disney’s Festival of Fantasy parade brings Disney World one step closer to pre-pandemic normality. Disney’s CFO recently hinted that Character Meet and Greets my return very soon.

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