Author: Mark Plante | Published: Friday April 15, 2022 10:17 AM

Finding information about the Orlando area theme parks can be, well, intimidating. There are thousands and thousands of videos on YouTube that are about the theme parks in Orlando, FL, but which ones are the best? Below we have listed five of, what we feel, are the best YouTube Vloggers for Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and all of the other theme parks in the Greater Orlando Florida Region.

1. The Pugh Two

The Pugh Two is a husband/wife team that gives valuable information regarding visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. They cover every conceivable topic relating to the theme park.

They give valuable information to help you save money whether it is for food, hotels, park tickets or even Butterbeer. They have fun and informative videos that will help you plan a trip to Universal Orlando, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and even Universal’s Citywalk Entertainment District.

Their videos are very nicely edited and they seem truly sincere while showing off the best options for Universal Orlando.

2. ResortTV1 (RTV1)

ResortTV1 is a channel run by brother and sister Jenn and Josh. RTV1 is mainly a live-streaming channel. They mostly stream from the Disney World parks on every Friday evening at 6pm with some random live streams on other days of the week.

This channel also has other edited videos such as merchandise vlogs where they will go into the shops and show merchandise and its prices. They will also do “Relaxing Strolls” through the Disney World Resort Hotels to show what amenities each resort has. This is a great way to check out a Disney World Resort Hotel to make sure that it is a fit for your family before you book your room

RTV1’s videos are very relaxing to watch and they make you feel as though you are in the theme park with them. They will answer questions or comments that are live posted on their live streams.

3. Rix Flix

Rix Flix is a channel that highlights the theme parks of Orlando, FL. The channel is run by Rick, who is occasionally joined by his wife Nikki. Rix Flix predominately focuses on Universal Orlando, but will also give information about the other parks in the Orlando area.

This channel also will do live-streams, but unlike RTV1 above, Rix Flix live streams from mainly Universal Orlando.

This channel gives great updates on Universal Orlando news and updates on ride construction and refurbishments.

4. AllEars.Net is a group of reporters that provide information about the Orlando theme parks. They offer detailed information about food, rides and news about the parks, leaning more toward Disney World.

The only issue with this channel is that some of the videos can be quite long, some over an hour. But with the length of the videos, they are able to give more detailed information about the parks.

This channel gives a humorous view of the parks and the reporters do not seem to take themselves too seriously. Their videos can be quite entertaining while giving you a lot of information about the parks.

5. Disney Food Blog (DFB Guide)

The name of this channel lets you know right away what this channel is mainly about… Disney Food.

A.J. is the narrator of this well edited channel that is one of the largest Disney Vlog channels on YouTube with over 800,000 subscribers and videos with over 3 million views!

Although this channel focuses on Disney food, it also gives up-to-date information about anything and everything that has to do with Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Disney Food Blog is one of the best Disney Vlog channels on YouTube. A.J.’s voice is very calming and she narrates as though she is sitting face to face with you. If you are looking for Disney Information, this is one of the first channels that we would recommend to visit.

So that is our list of the Top 5 (in our opinion) theme park Vloggers on YouTube right now. There are literally thousands of channels that are currently producing content about Universal, Disney and all the other parks in the Orlando Region, and at this time, we feel the above channels give the most accuarate details about the parks and all of the changes that are happening. We also feel that they give the information in the entertaining fassion.

Is there a channel that you think we missed? let us know below.